Town Offices

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Kingsbury Town Hall
6 Michigan Street
Hudson Falls, NY 12839
Phone: 518-747-2188
Fax: 518-747-9115


Town Board

Phone 518-747-2188


Town Board Members
Dana Hogan, Supervisor
James Lindsay, Councilman Appointee
Richard Doyle

William Haessly
Dan Washburn

pdf 2023 Town Board Meeting Schedule updated January22, 2023

Final Site Management Plan
Kingsbury Landfill, Site No. 5-58-008

The Kingsbury Landfill (Site) is an 18 acre closed landfill located on Burgoyne Avenue in the Village of Hudson Falls, Washington County, New York (Figure 1). The Site operated as a municipal dump prior to the establishment of regulations covering the operation and construction of waste facilities from 1930 to 1985. Regulated hazardous wastes disposed of at the Site include PCB-laden oil waste as well as halogenated solvents. Leachate generated at this site reached several surface water bodies adjacent to the site including the feeder/tow canal, Cutter Pond and a forested swamp. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has assigned the Site the ID No. 5-58-008, and applied the designation of a Type 4 inactive hazardous waste site. The Type 4 designation identifies the site as one that has been properly closed but requires continued site management, consisting of operation, maintenance and monitoring.  Download / Print the Final Site Management Plan, Kingsbury Landfill, Site No. 5-58-00 (51MB)pdf




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