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Kingsbury Town Hall
6 Michigan Street
Hudson Falls, NY 12839
Phone: 518-747-2188
Fax: 518-747-9115


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Welcome to the official Website for the Town of Kingsbury, New York.

We're glad you've found our online home! Our plan is to transform this website into a powerful communication tool that will allow us to better communicate with our residents. At the same time, for those unfamiliar with Kingsbury, these pages will offer great insight into what makes our town so special.

Town Hall Offices and Court are located at
6 Michigan Street, Hudson Falls, NY 12839

The Town Board meets at the Kingsbury Town Hall, on the first and third Monday of each month, at 7:00 PM, unless a holiday interferes with a meeting date. If that occurs, the meeting will be rescheduled and announced in the Post Star.

Town Board meeting  - the next Town Board Meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2021, at 7:00 PM. The Town Board Meeting will be conducted at the Town Offices, 6 Michigan Street, masks must be worn and social distancing will be mandated.

Planning Board - Plans and Projects currently in front of the Planning Board

Notice of Planning Board Meeting
Notice is hereby given that a hearing will be held at the KINGSBURY VOL. HOSE CO # 1 INC., 3715 BURGOYNE AVENUE, Hudson Falls, NY on the 19th day of May 2021 at 7:00 PM on the following matter before the Town Planning Board.

1. LISA CATALFAMO owner of tax map # 137.-1-13 commonly known as 71 Geer Road, Town of Kingsbury, located in Zoning District, RA-1A/Residential-Agricultural District is seeking Site Plan approval for a proposed Seasonal Goat Yoga Classes at this location. Plans for proposal are available at Kingsbury Town Hall, 6 Michigan Street, Hudson Falls, New York during regular business hours.

2. CYNTHIA CORLEW owner of tax map # 137.-1-24.1 AND Kortni Tougas, owner of Tax Mao # 137.-1-24.16 commonly known as Wait Road located in Zoning District, RA-1A/Residential-Agricultural District is seeking Site Plan approval for a two (2) lot subdivision at this location. Plans for proposal are available at Kingsbury Town Hall, 6 Michigan Street, Hudson Falls, New York during regular business hours.

3. NOLAN PROPANE contract vendee of Tax Map # 137.-2-1.4 commonly known as County Line Road, Lot #3 in the Warren/Washington County Industrial Park, is seeking Site Plan approval for propane storage and loading at this location. Two (2) 30,000 gallon tanks are prosed, crushed gravel driveway, storage sheds and chain link fencing for security. Plans for proposal are available at Kingsbury Town Hall, 6 Michigan Street, Hudson Falls, New York during regular business hours.

By order of Planning Board Secretary
Michelle Radliff

Request for Proposal - Surveying Services

RFP DATE: MAY 6, 2021

The Town of Kingsbury (Kingsbury) is currently accepting proposals for surveying services relating to the Burgoyne Avenue Waterline Extension Project. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from various candidate organizations, conduct a fair and extensive evaluation based on criteria listed herein, and select the candidate who can best meet the requirements of this project.

For further information regarding this RFP, contact Rebecca Pomainville at the Town Hall, Phone: 518-747-2188 x3005 or see The Request for Proposal - Surveying Services pdf

Real Property Information 2021
Tentative Roll is May 01, 2021
-  Final Roll is August 01, 2021

New Tentative Assessment Roll 2021 pdf Updated May 01, 2021

The 2020 Final Assessment Roll is now available on-line
Final Assessment Roll 2020 pdf Updated Aug 01, 2020

Town of Kingsbury is seeking candidates for the Zoning Board of Appeals
Zoning Board Powers & Duties
 -Appellate Jurisdiction (The power to hear and decide appeals from decisions of those officials charged with the administration and enforcement of the zoning ordinance or local law.)
 - Interpret zoning regulations
 - Issue or deny appeals for variances
 - Some ZBAs, when delegated by governing board, issue Special use permits and Site plan reviews

Zoning Board meetings are held on the fourth (4 th ) Thursday of the month only when there is a need to review an application(s). Zoning Board of Appeals members are required, by state statute, to obtain four (4) hours of training a year.

Compensation:    $30/meeting for Board Members
                        $40/meeting for Board Chairperson

Resumes can be submitted to the Town Clerk.

Town of Kingsbury Updated Guide to Dog Owner's Responsibilities - A pamphlet to assist dog owners with the Town of Kingsbury Pet Regulations - Guide to Dog Owner's Responsibilities pdf

USDA Rural Development 504 Home Repair Loan & Grant Program
With all of the recent record rainfall, do you or someone you know own a home in need of repairs? Considering a new heating system because of high fuel costs? Looking to replace your old windows with energy efficient windows? Is your home in need of any residential energy efficiency improvements? USDA Rural Development may be able to help. Click here to download / read USDA Home Repair Information. pdf

Stormwater Discharges from Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4)
Annual Report for period ending March 09, 2019. pdf
Kingsbury participates in a Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated program for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4). The purpose of this program is to control the inflow of pollutants into the town's storm sewers and drainage ditches. Products such as oil, antifreeze, liter, animal wastes, fertilizer, pesticides and sediment for erosion can be washed into the storm drain system during rain storms or by melting snow. Eventually this untreated storm water flows into our streams and lakes and can impact water quality.

Reopening information for Capital Region

Washington County Board of Supervisors Chairman Samuel J. Hall declared a State of Emergency for Washington County, initially effective as of 2:00 PM on March 16, 2020. The State of Emergency allows the county to continue facilitating the ongoing response to COVID-19 and to provide the County of Washington and local organizations with the flexibility needed to respond to this imminent threat to public health, safety and quality of life.

Governor Announces Reopening Changes

Governor Cuomo announced reopening changes relative (but not limited) to:

  • Venues hosting events
  • Quarantine of fully vaccinated domestic travelers
  • Outdoor gathering limits (Residential and non-residential)
Read the full announcement here for full details:

Washington County's Vaccine informaton

County Public Health is only one of the many options available for access to vaccination (and many of the others receive larger allocations of vaccine than the counties), we encourage everyone in our communities to ensure you explore every available option if you want to be vaccinated!

For the latest information on the COVID-19 Vaccine and NYS Vaccine Distribution Program, check the state's website here:

The Town Code is now available on-line:
The Town of Kingsbury subscribes to General Code’s eCode360 service in order to make Kingsbury's Town Code available on the Internet for use by Town residents, employees and legal researchers.

The Town of Kingsbury's Town Code can be accessed at . By using the eCode360 link you will leave Kingsbury's website and opening a window in General Code's on-line Legal Library.

The Town Celebrates its 258th anniversary in 2020!
We're excited about the future of Kingsbury. We hope you are too!

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